Sushimoto (Burnaby)

(This post originally appeared on “Let’s Eat Out Once A Week.”)


From top to bottom: Ocean Roll; Philadelphia Roll; Red Hot Chili Roll – C$6.00; C$7.00; C$8.00


Sushimoto, a Japanese restaurant located by Holdom SkyTrain Station (on Holdom Avenue and Lougheed Hwy), seems like a popular place for the young crowd. That’s my first impression anyway – not that I have any stats or evidence to back that up.

I was with A.C. at Sushimoto for a quick bite one Sunday evening earlier in July, and it was my first time eating there. Lots of cool-looking figurines and items inside.



I did not realize that the panda bear figurine (at least that’s what I thought it was) was the container for the soy sauce, but A.C. somehow figured it out. Oh well.

A.C. ordered the Ocean Roll (C$6) and another item (which I can’t remember now), and I had the Red Hot Chili Roll (C$8) and Philadelphia Roll (C$7). The ocean roll (pictured at the top in the photo below) was California rolls with smoked salmon on top and spicy mayo, and I had a piece of it. It was pretty good.


The red hot chili roll (pictured at the bottom) had chopped scallop with spicy tuna on top, plus green onion, spicy mayo, and spicy sauce. As for the Philadelphia roll (the middle tray), it was avocado with salmon and cream cheese along with smoked salmon on top. I know I liked one of my rolls but not the other – except that I can’t remember which was which now. I think probably the Philadelphia roll was the one I didn’t care much for.

Anyway, the service was fine. A.C. and I mainly talked about some marketing projects as we were eating, so I didn’t really take any notes about the food. During our visit, it wasn’t too, too busy, but I can totally see Sushimoto being packed on most nights. Seemed like a cool and cozy place to hang out with a group of buddies.



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