Base: Eat And Drink (Re-visit)


BASE: Eat And Drink is a Korean restaurant on Robson and Nicola Street in downtown Vancouver, and according to its website, the owners consider the establishment a “casual dining restaurant that puts on a creative spin on Korean classics.” They advertise quality, authentic Asian food at an upscale yet affordable place with upbeat house music and “the perfect place to satisfy your craving.” Basically, they are targeting the young crowd who love hanging out with friends over food and beer.

I’d first dined at BASE back in mid-June when I saw the “Happy Hour: 30% off 4pm-7pm, Sunday-Thursday” sign. Wanting to try other dishes at discounted prices, I was back at BASE in mid-July for a couple of items – during happy hour, of course.


I ordered the Chicken Gangjeong (C$14.00) and Hot Stone Spicy Pork (C$9.50). The chicken gangjeong was Korean-style crispy chicken nuggets with rice cakes. The hot stone spicy pork, meanwhile, was spicy pork and veggies with rice in a hot stone bowl.

The service was pretty good, as the waiter dude got me a glass of iced water when I was first seated and kept refilling it for me without being asked. The flatscreen in a distant was on Sportsnet, and it was the “pre-game” show for the Toronto-Oakland ballgame as they were showing the best highlights of the week in baseball. Since I was able to watch from the middle of the highlight clip all the way to the end of the countdown during the wait, I realized the wait was at least 15 minutes.


The chicken gangjeong came first – after the fairly lengthy wait – and they were delicious. Crunchy on the outside. Unfortunately, there were way too many pieces – much more than I’d expected – and I had to pack half of the dish to go. (I ended up giving that half to V., and she agreed they were very tasty.)


As for the hot stone spicy pork, I found that a lot of the rice at the bottom was dried up. Not edible, unfortunately. But the bright side was that I was full already by that point. I liked the spicy pork – very juicy.


Chicken Gangjeong and Hot Stone Spicy Pork – C$14.00 and C$9.50 (but C$9.80 and C$6.65 during happy hour)

Overall, a great deal since there was that 30% discount off all food items from Sunday to Thursday during happy hour (4:00 to 7:00). And during this second visit, the service was great. I can definitely see BASE being crowded later in the evenings – but for some reason there were only 2-3 other tables being occupied during this visit. Perhaps the reason was that it was only 6:30 and the cool people didn’t show up till later?? One negative thing about BASE is that they don’t offer side dishes the way that other Korean establishments do.



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