Sushi Royal House (Re-Visit)


Volcano Roll – C$10.95

D.B. had never eaten at Sushi Royal House Japanese Restaurant before even though she lives in the area. So, one night on a Monday in October, we went there for some sushi.




One funny thing that happened was D.B. wanted to order some alcohol – but she’d forgotten her ID so she wasn’t allowed to order. I guess she should take it as a compliment that they do check her for ID!

Meanwhile, I asked how big their spicy soft shell crab would be – to see if D.B. and I would be able to share – but the answer was that it would be enough for just one person. Oh well.

So, anyway, we went with the Volcano RollEbi Gyoza (5 pieces, pork & shrimp), Spicy Salmon Combo, and Chicken Karaage. As you can see from the pictures, it was a pretty good feast!






All in all, a good dinner, great conversation, and all was wonderful. Everything, of course, tasted fresh. Haha, too bad D.B. couldn’t get a sip of alcohol. Too bad!


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