Osaka Sushi (Burnaby)


Osaka Sushi, on Hastings and Gilmore in Burnaby, was voted the best sushi restaurant in Burnaby back in 2014 (according to signs posted outside the establishment).


While their food might have won “Best of Burnaby” awards in the past, I would say their service was mediocre.


The lady who served me looked grumpy. The staff spoke Cantonese – the lady and the cook did that – and also Mandarin – the lady did that to one of the younger girls working there. Remarkably, during the whole time I was there, there was just one phone call where someone ordered for a pick-up. And only one other person came in for another order – while nobody entered as a dine-in customer.

This was a Monday night at around 8 p.m. and one family of three was just leaving. The others eating at that time were staff. I guess the busy period was over.


Speaking of period, the hockey game – Canucks vs. Wild – was on the flatscreen. I was there for most of the second period, and hahaha, the Canucks were losing.

I had the Prawn Teriyaki (C$9.95) and Karaage (C$5.50). Nothing special with the food, and definitely nothing good about the service. Perhaps the sushi’s better – the restaurant, after all, got an award for that a couple of years back!






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