The Slocan (Re-Visit)


A couple of weeks ago, N. and I met up to have a meal at The Slocan, which is a fairly popular restaurant located on East Hastings and Slocan Street in Vancouver. This was my second visit – as I’d previously been there back in November of 2014 (whoa, I didn’t realize it was THAT long ago) – while it was N.’s first time there.

It was an “all-pasta” night as N. decided on the Mac & Cheese (C$10.95) while I settled on the Spaghetti & Meat Sauce (C$12.95).



While the server was very kind and friendly, N. felt as though she was pushing us to finish the dishes. That’s not something I really thought about – and there you go, that’s why you need a second opinion, a second pair of eyes and ears to notice these things.

As for the taste, it seemed the portion of the Mac & Cheese was too much for N. – I recall seeing on the menu that they had advertised it as “Big Pasta Plates,” so I guess they weren’t exaggerating in this instance – and she also felt that it was a tad too greasy. For N., probably a smaller portion would have been enough – and thus, I helped her eat a bit of it. I think we both agreed the taste wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special. Just your standard Mac & Cheese. 🙂

(Ahhhh…. it seemed I had a similar opinion during my first visit. Here’s what I opined at that time, when I had their Kalamari Dinner: The portion was generous… It tasted pretty good at first, but I couldn’t finish it because I found it too greasy after a while.)

Normally, I would have paid attention to the TV screen in the corner – the Sharks-Predators second-round game was on – but this time I was focused on the conversation with N. It wasn’t too busy at the time we visited but we both found it a bit noisy. It was okay, though; we could hear each other just fine. Overall, the atmosphere was not bad.

From N.’s feedback, if she was going to try Mac & Cheese again, she’d go to a different establishment for that. If she were to return to The Slocan – which she didn’t rule out – she’d definitely try out other dishes. Ditto for me.

Oh yeah, because I didn’t drink, N. decided to have a pop just like me.


What: Mac & Cheese; Spaghetti & Meat Sauce
Where: The Slocan, 2715 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 1Z9
How Much: C$10.95; C$12.95
Final Thoughts: See the second-last paragraph.



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