Sala Thai (Burrard)


Last Friday, a group of us decided to have lunch together downtown, and I was asked to pick a restaurant. I chose Sala Thai on Burrard and Smythe downtown, and fortunately I called ahead – because the place was packed for lunch. I hadn’t been at Sala Thai for about 10 years – and at most only a couple of times.

For this get-together, there was myself, K., M., N., and Y.


I went with the Mussamun Curry (Specialty Curry), which was Beef simmered in coconut milk & mussamun curry, with tomatoes and potatoes – and topped with roasted peanuts. You can ask for the level of spiciness, and I went with “medium” (which was rated level 2 out of a maximum of 4).

The Mussamun Curry, by the way, cost C$10.00 – in case you’re wondering.



I believe M. went with their Salathai Rice Special, which was a large portion of fried rice with egg and all sorts of veggies and a choice of beef, pork, or chicken. Meanwhile, N. picked Thai Green Curry – and asked for the spiciest possible – and still didn’t think it was spicy enough. I can’t remember the others exactly, but K. might have chosen Thai Red Curry and thought that it was too spicy.

Mine was fine – and for this visit, it was more about the conversation and catching up more than it was about the food. But I definitely enjoyed mine. And with a full house at lunch hour, you can imagine most people felt the same about what they ordered too!




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