Triple O’s – CBC Building

(This was originally posted on my other food blog, “Let’s Eat Out Once A Week.”)


I check out Triple O’s website once in a while to see when they would have specialty items, and I saw that this week they had a new Whiskey BBQ Burger available for a limited time.

I was downtown and decided to check this burger out at the Triple O’s location in the CBC building (700 Hamilton Street, Vancouver). On this day, it was apparently “Kids’ Day” and so there was a big group of kids with their parents enjoying some sort of a musical festival outside the building. Inside, it was packed too with kids and their parents, and so the lineup was very long.


I thought that it was worth the wait because the burger was delicious. By itself, it was C$7.49 and I got the combo with their Garlic Parmesan Fries – which ended up being an extra C$4.99. The Garlic Parmesan Fries had garlic seasoning served with Caesar dressing. It also came with a side of Caesar for dipping, which I guess was really too much. The first few bites of the fries were certainly great but the more I consumed, the less appealing they felt.


As for the burger, it was a beef patty topped with Forty Creek BBQ glazed onions, smoked bacon, frizzled onion tanglers, lettuce, and mayo. Obviously, if you’re eating this burger, be prepared for the mess because things will fall out left and right. The bun was soft and didn’t fall apart, which was great.



Of course, as mentioned, there were a lot of kids on this day and so if you wanted a quiet meal inside, you would be disappointed. Kids were screaming left and right and their parents were trying to get them to use “inside voice” but of course, kids being kids, they kept making loud noises, etc. Just one of those days.


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