The Slocan (4th Visit)


Late last week, I was at The Slocan for my fourth visit. Previously, I had been to The Slocan, which is located on East Hastings and Slocan Street in Vancouver, in November 2014 by myself, April 2016 with a friend, and September 2016 by myself again.

Though I had last been there a month earlier, their menu had changed! While they previously had four pasta choices, it seemed they only had two now.


Since I wanted a pasta dish, I went with the Nona’s Lasagna, which came with garlic bread and a cup of tomato soup (their soup of the day) with crackers.



The service was great as usual, the hockey game (Canucks vs. Flames) was on their flatscreens, and the lasagna was awesome. It’s no surprise this was my fourth visit in the last couple of years – if I wasn’t blogging about other food places (ie. checking out different establishments), I would probably be here even more.

Definitely a great place for food.



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