The Awful “Connie’s Curry Kitchen” (Richmond)

IMG_5272[1].JPGThe title says it all. Connie’s Curry Kitchen, located in the food court in Richmond’s Parker Place (4380 No. 3 Road, Richmond), is simply awful.

I was there wanting to buy their Hainanese Half Chicken, and I stood at the counter with money in my hand. The woman at the counter, who clearly saw me, continued to just do her work – putting new prices on the menu board behind her.

When I spoke up to place my order, she had a very surly look and was, I would say, rude. Wow. C’mon, maybe that’s how you do things in China or Hong Kong or wherever you’re from, but this is unacceptable in Canada.


Anyway, the worst part was when the food was ready. She put the container in a plastic bag and tied it up – without putting in any tissue/napkin or utensils. No fork or chopstick. Horrible service. Simply awful.



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