Zeitoon Restaurant (West End)


This is actually a re-visit, as I went back to Zeitoon Restaurant – a Persian restaurant on the West End of downtown Vancouver – on a Thursday afternoon in December. My first visit had been almost exactly one year earlier, in December of 2016.

This time, I had the Barg Top Sirloin (C$17.95), which was their grade AAA top sirloin steak. It came marinated and broiled – and served with rice.



One downer: They didn’t have iced tea, so I ordered Coke instead. It came in a classic old-style 355ml bottle.


The server was very nice and friendly, and everything was great. I’m not much of a rice eater, so I finished only three-quarters of it. I did, however, eat all the meat and the tomato!


There are actually three locations of Zeitoon Restaurant, with the others in North Vancouver and Port Moody.

Where: Zeitoon Restaurant, 1795 Pendrell Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada  V6G 1T2
Website: http://zeitoonrestaurant.ca


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