Teppan Kitchen, Part 2 (Harbour Centre)


Okay, let me give a second review on Teppan Kitchen in the Harbour Centre food court. In the original review, I said nothing about the food but posted several photos (as well as my disgust with a couple of employees there).

Now, here are a couple of things regarding the food there.

First up, their Curry Brisket Rice (C$9.95), which featured delicious curry… but chewy beef.


The curry was so good that I kept drinking it even after all the meat and rice were gone. The problem was that the beef was hard – not what I would want. I prefer tender beef, and this one here was very chewy.


Also, at the counter there were a couple of sauces you could have for self-serve. I took some of the so-called spicy sauce (the sauce in the plastic container in the photo below).

This sauce, unfortunately, wasn’t spicy at all! It merely added some different flavour to the meat, but it was definitely not spicy.


Next up, the Hainanese Chicken (C$9.95), which I had the day before having the curry brisket rice.

During that particular visit for the chicken, the cashier told me the dish came with Miso soup and a drink, which surprised me. (The next day when I had the curry brisket, I wasn’t offered any such deal.)


I always enjoy a dish of Hainanese chicken rice – I love the taste of it, and I had nothing to complain about the quality of the Hainanese chicken at Teppan Kitchen. (Just the attitudes of certain staff members.)



IMG_5586[1].JPGUpdate: I didn’t know it at the time, but Teppan has a “daily special,” where customers receive a free drink that comes with the featured menu item for that day. That’s why I got a free drink that one time.


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