Korea Trip 2018: Days 2-3 in Seoul


Okay, so I arrived in Korea on Sunday, September 9, and the following day in Seoul I was checking out Ssamzigil and some street food along Insadong Street. I even had some food from Subway. I also checked out a temple near the hotel.




On the evening of Day 2, a couple of friends visited my hotel and we went out for food nearby in what was a very busy area – which kind of reminded me of Robson Street with all the food places around.

After walking around for a bit to find a good restaurant, we finally stopped by one. We had beef tripe, which is popular in Korea (according to the two friends).




For me, it was a lot of food – too much. It was warm too, and because I wasn’t used to the time difference between Vancouver and Seoul (a 16-hour difference), by the night of Day 2, I was exhausted and restless.

I know I’d said earlier this busy street/area reminded me of Robson Street back home. I should say too, when we were walking around this area, for me it also felt like a maze. It’s a place I could easily get lost in. And yet it reminded me of Gastown – and even a little bit of Yaletown – back in Vancouver.

Anyway, I couldn’t tell you the names of those streets other than to say that the whole area felt like a maze. You turn left and walk along, then turn right (or left), and so on…

After dinner, we also walked around an area called Gwanghwamun and Gwanghwamun Square.


Meeting the friends marked the end of Day 2 in Korea. After that, I was completely spent. I could barely open my eyes.

Day 3 would be when I started my tour with the tour company. The guide and driver were to pick me up from the hotel at 8 a.m.



After breakfast at the hotel – I got up really early and ate at 6:33 am – I started on the journey. The first stop was Jinjuseong Fortress, which is historically linked to the Japanese invasion in 1592.

But before that, there would be a three-hour drive, we were told by the tour guide. (When I say “we,” I mean myself and a family of three who was part of the group.) As it turned out, it was a four-hour drive… and for part of the ride, I closed my eyes and fell asleep… zzz…

The guide did a good job of explaining a lot of things to us during the drive. He mentioned something about a special lane that we could use because there were four or more people in the vehicle… the difference in house prices in different parts of Korea… some history… he was very good.

The photos below were taken at around 8:25 and 8:30 am, as we were starting out on what turned out to be a four-hour drive…



More to come…


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