Baghdad Cafe (Downtown Vancouver)


I had walked past Baghdad Cafe on Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver many times before with the intention of one day going in to try some of their food.

Well, that day came back in March, when I went in there on a Friday afternoon. On the sandwich board outside, there were pictures of some of the dishes – and one in particular caught my eye: the Kebab with Teka Platter for C$12.95.

However, when I was looking at the (rather extensive) menu board inside, I couldn’t find that item…so I explained to the lady I wanted that dish that was pictured outside. She went out to look, and then told me it was their Mix Kebab & Teka (C$13.45).

Anyway, I was told to have a seat as they prepared the dish. It must have been about 10 minutes when the dish was ready, and I was asked to go up to the front to let them know which veggies I wanted. I wanted to pay then, but was told I could pay after I had eaten.

Now, as for the utensils, as I later realized, they were kept in a very obscure place at the front – so much so that I missed it when I was hunting for a knife and a fork. Instead, I grabbed the ones – they appeared clean – off a tray by the counter.




It was delicious. There was a family of three at the table next to me, and the baby wanted to grab at my plate!

I think I’ll give Baghdad Cafe another chance in the future… at least I now know where the forks are kept. ..Still not sure, though, why something listed for C$12.95 was actually C$13.45 – but oh well, it wasn’t a big difference.