Enjoy Cafe 1 Plus 1 (Richmond)

EC and I began hanging out for lunch during the brief time when the two of us were colleagues – and we often went to Enjoy Cafe 1 Plus 1, located near Westminster Highway and No. 3 Road.


It seems to be very busy every Saturday early afternoon, but on Wednesdays when we go there, it’s more than half empty – and there’s also the after 3 p.m. special menu.

During this particular visit, it was a Saturday and the place was packed.


For each meal, a free drink is included, and I normally order the cold lemon iced tea. On this visit, both EC and I ordered Vermicelli. 

EC’s came with chicken wings. Mine was Seafood Vermicelli.


For EC and me, these visits to Enjoy Cafe are always to take time out from work to “enjoy” hanging out during lunch. That’s the most important aspect of these trips.

But – I’ll add that I probably won’t order seafood again… I’ll probably have something with meat next time. To me, EC’s dish certainly looked better than mine!


Congee Noodle Delight (Vancouver)

Since I have been increasingly busy, I have had little chance to update this site – so, I have decided to rely on some friends to “guest post” once in a while. Here’s a guest post from H.W. 


Wanted century egg and pork congee today so I went to my usual hole in the wall for lunch. Located in Tinseltown, Congee Noodle Delight is a place to go if you want affordable Chinese food.

When I got there, the place was empty and the staff were busy cleaning. What happened? Are they closed?

I was asked to seat myself as usual. Waited quite a bit as the staff were getting the place ready as customers were walking in.

Alas, there was no congee today. So, I opted for the Wonton Noodles with Thick Egg Noodles (it usually comes with the thin egg noodles, but I prefer to change it up a bit once in a while). The wonton noodles come with five huge pieces of wonton. I also ordered the Deep Fried Egg Plant as a side dish to go with my noodles.

Everything tastes A-okay today. The noodle soup was a little bland and the egg plant was just right. Not too salty.


The Awful “Connie’s Curry Kitchen” (Richmond)

IMG_5272[1].JPGThe title says it all. Connie’s Curry Kitchen, located in the food court in Richmond’s Parker Place (4380 No. 3 Road, Richmond), is simply awful.

I was there wanting to buy their Hainanese Half Chicken, and I stood at the counter with money in my hand. The woman at the counter, who clearly saw me, continued to just do her work – putting new prices on the menu board behind her.

When I spoke up to place my order, she had a very surly look and was, I would say, rude. Wow. C’mon, maybe that’s how you do things in China or Hong Kong or wherever you’re from, but this is unacceptable in Canada.


Anyway, the worst part was when the food was ready. She put the container in a plastic bag and tied it up – without putting in any tissue/napkin or utensils. No fork or chopstick. Horrible service. Simply awful.


Teppan Kitchen (Harbour Centre)

I’m going to start by saying that I no longer like the Teppan Kitchen at the SFU Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver because of the service. In short, it’s horrible.


Let me start by saying that the young Asian cashier there often looked like she was bored of her job – like she didn’t want to be there. Even when I was right in front of her, she was looking in space like she didn’t care that a customer was ready to order. That kind of attitude and “service” is simply horrendous. Let’s call a spade a spade and call her what she is – rude.

There was another one – a young male cashier who was also rude – but just once. The female was always rude. Anyway, I was returning the hot plate dish and tray, and I wasn’t sure where to put it. The male cashier rudely shouted, “Over there!” without a thank-you. Yeah, I realize English wasn’t his first language, but there was no need to be rude. These are the types of people that drive customers away.

Anyway, I’ve made a few visits to this place at Harbour Centre – but unfortunately, that will stop as I am no longer interested in giving my money to places that do not respect me. The male cashier being rude can be called a one-off, but the female cashier should simply just go find a new job if she’s so miserable working there. It ruins the experience for all customers.



Now, the Bubble Waffle Cafe, located at the other end of the Harbour Centre food court, has been completely different. The cashiers there have been polite every time, and I’ll post about them next time.

As far as I’m concerned, Teppan Kitchen, thanks in particular to that one unprofessional and rude cashier, isn’t worth my time or money.


Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant

(This was originally posted on my other food blog, “Let’s Eat Out Once A Week.”)


Small Wonton Noodle in Soup – C$5.50

My friend P., who’s from Singapore, only likes Asian food and doesn’t really want to try any other types of cuisine. Plus, she’s also vegetarian, which really limits the food choices when we meet up. Nonetheless, as a friend, I fully support her preferences/choices and go along with what she decides. (I even told P. that to her face, that it was difficult to come to some sort of consensus but I would support what she decided.)

On this particular Thursday in July, we met up downtown because she had some errands to run there in the morning. The tricky part was that she gave her phone to her kids (who are taking summer school), so having to meet up when she was not reachable could have been problematic. Anyway, I showed up early and there was no problems in that regard.


Chili & Pepper Tofu – C$5.99

The problem occurred when P. felt that there was nothing interesting to check out downtown, in terms of food, because again, she doesn’t care for non-Asian food. We finally decided to go to Kingsway in East Vancouver to try a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. This one was called Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant (at 1363 Kingsway, or Kingsway and Knight).


Stir Fried Turnip Cake with XO Sauce – C$5.99

We ended up sharing a few dishes – and here was when P.’s Asian ways and mine were different, which apparently shocked her. I insisted I didn’t need rice (a bowl of rice cost C$1.50, I think) but she was wondering out loud how on earth I could enjoy the dishes without rice. Anyway, I didn’t want rice so I didn’t get that.


Sauteed Noodle with Shredded Vegetables (top) and Panfried Sticky Rice (bottom) – *I think they were C$6.99 each but I can’t remember for sure

The service was great – P. had many questions about the dishes and the waiter and waitresses that served us were all very pleasant in answering her (in Cantonese). They even brought out different types of chili sauces because P. wanted to try them all. The food, meanwhile, was awesome. I mean, I’d rather eat meat dishes but I liked everything we ordered.

The other thing that came up during this meal was P. making fun of a Caucasian woman who was eating alone at another table. I was tactful about this without making it into an argument, but I didn’t appreciate the comment because as I pointed out to P., I eat out alone from time to time. So, I didn’t see anything wrong with what the poor woman was doing. It just goes to show you again that as human beings, we are all judged by what we do and people will snicker at us if what we’re doing isn’t “cool” or “normal” in the eyes of those people. Anyway, this was a non-issue as I didn’t argue with P. about it when I came to the woman’s defense.

Afterward, we discussed the next possible meetup but I was non-committal. The biggest thing here is P.’s preference for Asian food while I’d rather do something different. We’ll see what happens the next time we get together.