Penang Delight Cafe (Vancouver)

Some of these visits were from the summer – and I’ve only gotten around to posting about them because I’d been working on my book for months and hadn’t had time to update this site regularly.

Back in July, I was looking to try some new restaurants/cafes and I stumbled upon Penang Delight Cafe on Rupert Street near East 22nd Avenue in East Vancouver.


Penang Delight is a Malaysian restaurant, and I remember from my visit that a talkative gentleman was the one who served me. I thought he was the owner – maybe he is.


Anyway, he spoke Cantonese to the other customers and talked to them quite frequently. I, meanwhile, was left alone.

It was at this restaurant, as I recall, that I gave the lowest tip I’ve ever given. I figured that the guy didn’t check on me at all – and since I assumed he was the owner, he presumably paid himself well and didn’t need tips to survive (unlike regular servers at other restaurants).


I ordered something called Nasi Lemak Rendang Lamb, which came with rice and was spicy. If you ordered this dish between 11:00 am to 2:30 pm, it was C$13.95. For dinner, though, it was C$14.95.