Silvestre Gusto Latino (Gastown)

I went to this Peruvian restaurant called Silvestre Gusto Latino in Vancouver’s Gastown area back in March.


I’ll say right away I didn’t enjoy this visit because the man behind the counter was abrupt and unfriendly. I say “man behind the counter” because that was exactly where he stood even as he was “serving” me.

He sat me down at a table near the counter, and gave me the menu, yes. But after that, he returned to his “spot” behind the counter, and when I was ready to order, he didn’t even move to talk to me. He remained behind the counter to take my order, which I felt was rude and insulting. I even had to stand up to tell him what I wanted – because he literally didn’t move.

Yet, when a couple came in afterward, he sat them down at another table and actually went to them to take their order. So, this means I’m not valued as a customer or a guest.



I ordered their Bisteck Encebollardo, which was thinly-cut fried beef with sauteed tomatoes, cilantro, green peppers, and onions, served with fries and rice.  I asked for (while standing up because the guy chose to take my order by standing behind the counter) one of their Peruvian soft drinks, but the guy said they ran out.



Though the experience was ruined thanks to the jerk behind the counter, I still wanted to try a full Peruvian meal – so I ordered one of their dessert items, their Crema Volteada.


The lady who brought out the food was pleasant – but like I said, the idiot behind the counter basically ruined the experience. Not much more to say about that.