Nando’s Chicken (Surrey)


Back at the Nando’s Chicken location in the Surrey Guildford area recently, I had their Peri Peri Wings (5 pieces) and Casa Salad with a pop.


I had the mild flavour of wings, and decided to try their Garlic Peri Peri sauce. Yup, it was spicy hot and it left this burning sensation in my mouth that I couldn’t quite wash away with the pop.


As for the wings themselves, I have to say I didn’t think there was enough meat in them.



The service was excellent. As for the pop, there were many choices at the fountain. I had orange-flavoured Coke and also lime-flavoured Coke.

Oh, I should mention that this Surrey-Guildford location is on 101 Avenue and 152 Street (104-15190 101 Avenue, Surrey, BC), and is a sit-down style restaurant hidden behind TD Canada Trust.