The Dunbar (Re-visit)

I was just clearing out old photos from my phone and then I realized that, for some reason, I hadn’t posted a visit from a few months back at The Dunbar. I suppose it’s because I’ve posted several times about them already.

Anyway, The Dunbar is located on Dunbar and West 29th Avenue in Vancouver, and it’s a cozy little place for some decent food and sports.

On this particular visit, I had their Sliders (C$11.00) and Poutine (C$10.00) while watching Sunday Night Football on one of their flatscreens (Yeah – that visit was a long time ago).





Since I’ve been to The Dunbar several times, you can guess that I recommend it to those of you who like pub food and want to hang out with a group of buddies or watch sports in a cozy environment.

The Dunbar (Re-visit)

Was in the Dunbar/West 29th Avenue area recently and returned to The Dunbar to catch some football action. Ordered a Poutine and their Cajun Steak Bites.






The cajun steak bites (C$12.75) were nice and thick, but rather chewy. I ordered them first and had the poutine (C$10.00) afterward because I wanted to stay a bit and watch the football game.

The Dunbar is a nice and cozy place to hang out with buddies and watch a ballgame, for sure.

Mexi Cali (Re-visit)

It was another trip to Mexi Cali on Dunbar and West 28th. This was a Sunday afternoon and they had NFL football on their flatscreen. (Alas, it was the Denver Broncos, a team I’ve never liked, beating the Minnesota Vikings.)


I had the Beef Quesadilla plus Mexi Fries with Slushy Limonada for C$6.99. I thought the fries this time weren’t crunchy enough. So, not as good as the ones I’d had before. The quesadilla was great. The shells were soft and the beef tasted fine. Oh, with the quesadilla you had a choice of either beef or chicken.


Overall, I would say it was a good lunch at a very affordable price.

Wild Sushi (Re-visit)


Beef Teriyaki Don – C$6.95

I’d been to Wild Sushi on Dunbar a couple of weeks ago, and I returned there just the other day for another meal. Well, actually, I was going to try a different Japanese place a couple of blocks away, but when I entered that restaurant whose name I shall not mention, I stood there for a minute without being greeted or acknowledged. Unacceptable for a Japanese restaurant, so I walked out and went to Wild Sushi instead. (I would guess that particular restaurant wasn’t run by Japanese, as that type of non-service wouldn’t be the norm with their culture.)


Anyway, you snooze, you lose, so it was back to Wild Sushi for my second visit. This time, I ordered their Beef Teriyaki Don (C$6.95) and the Chicken Karaage (C$4.25). I’d noted on the blog post about my first visit that it took what seemed like forever for the karaage to come out – but this time it didn’t seem to take as long.


Chicken Karaage – C$4.25

Another difference this time around was the fact that there were seven pieces of chicken – whereas there were “only” six the first time I ordered this dish. (The menu doesn’t state how many pieces come with it.) The one thing that was the same as last time was the fact this karaage still tasted like KFC.


The beef teriyaki don was tasty. The beef was delicious! And oh, the waitress brought me a cup of tea (without my asking) when I was first seated, and refilled it when she noticed I’d drunk half of it. Again, good service. But then, for a small restaurant like Wild Sushi, they would need to ensure they treat their customers right as they want repeat business.

Would I visit again? Probably, if I’m in the area. I would get something else other than karaage, though. It’s not good to have too much KFC-like chicken!



What: Beef Teriyaki Don; Chicken Karaage
Where: Wild Sushi, 4288 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC, V6S 2E9
How Much: C$6.95; C$4.25 (after tax and tip, it came to around C$13.50)
Final Thoughts: Good service, decent food…but if you wonder about these types of things (and if they make a big difference to you), no, Wild Sushi isn’t Japanese-owned/operated but Chinese-operated.