Whiskey Six BBQ (Re-Visit)

Whiskey Six BBQ, an organic BBQ joint located on 826 Renfrew Street in East Vancouver, opened in the summer of 2017. I have been there regularly during the summer of 2018. This is a post about a visit from May 2018.


I know that was from months ago, but what can I say? I’d been busy… On vacation now (I’m in Korea at the moment) and just taking a few minutes to post it now. ūüėČ


It was a night of ribs and wings. The¬†Johnston’s Farm Back Ribs¬†are¬†served with a choice of two sides – with wings being $2 extra – and also sliced bread, Whiskey Mustard and Dill Pickle.

Obviously, I went with the Wings for one of my sides. I also had the Smokey Beans as the other side.









Pho Don Vietnamese Restaurant


I had, over the years, passed by Pho Don Vietnamese Restaurant (East Hastings and Renfrew) literally hundreds of times without ever stepping foot inside Рuntil just recently.

During this visit, it was a fairly quiet Thursday evening without a lot of diners. I was seated and given a cup of tea and a menu upon entering the restaurant.


I picked the¬†Sauteed Beef with Spicy Lemongrass dish, which was served with either rice or fried noodles. I opted for the latter, since I’m not much of a rice fan. Actually, I’m not much of a noodle fan either, but I thought it was at least better than rice.


The menu indicated that this dish was spicy (one chili symbol). I didn’t think it was any spicy at all, but I guess the problem was that the beef was rather chewy.


Obviously, this being a typical Asian restaurant, there was not much of any “service” – it was just the bare minimum, much like any other Asian establishment.

There was a flatscreen in either end of the restaurant, but they were not tuned into the sports channels. (It was Game Seven of the Winnipeg-Nashville series.) As for background music, it was – I guess – some sort of satellite radio station with continuous music.


With Asian places, you can’t take it for granted that they accepted plastic – for example, many places in Richmond are “cash only” establishments – but in Pho Don’s case, they do take debit and credit.

The Slocan (4th Visit)


Late last week, I was at The Slocan for my fourth visit. Previously, I had been to The Slocan, which is located on East Hastings and Slocan Street in Vancouver, in November 2014 by myself, April 2016 with a friend, and September 2016 by myself again.

Though I had last been there a month earlier, their menu had changed! While they previously had four pasta choices, it seemed they only had two now.


Since I wanted a pasta dish, I went with the¬†Nona’s Lasagna, which came with garlic bread and a cup of tomato soup (their soup of the day) with crackers.



The service was great as usual, the hockey game (Canucks vs. Flames) was on their flatscreens, and the lasagna was awesome. It’s no surprise this was my fourth visit in the last couple of years – if I wasn’t blogging about other food places (ie. checking out different establishments), I would probably be here even more.

Definitely a great place for food.


The Slocan (Re-Visit)


A couple of weeks ago, N. and I met up to have a meal at¬†The Slocan, which is a fairly popular restaurant located on East Hastings and Slocan Street in Vancouver. This was my second visit – as I’d previously been there back in November of 2014 (whoa, I didn’t realize it was THAT long ago) – while it was N.’s first time there.

It was an “all-pasta” night as N. decided on the¬†Mac & Cheese (C$10.95)¬†while I settled on the¬†Spaghetti & Meat Sauce¬†(C$12.95).



While the server was very kind and friendly, N. felt as though she was pushing us to finish the dishes. That’s not something I really thought about – and there you go, that’s why you need a second opinion, a second pair of eyes and ears to notice these things.

As for the taste, it seemed the portion of the Mac & Cheese was too much for N. – I recall seeing on the menu that they had advertised it as “Big Pasta Plates,” so I guess they weren’t exaggerating in this instance – and she also felt that it was a tad too greasy. For N., probably a smaller portion would have been enough – and thus, I helped her eat a bit of it. I think we both agreed the taste wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special. Just your standard Mac & Cheese. ūüôā

(Ahhhh…. it seemed I had a similar opinion during my first visit. Here’s what I opined at that time, when I had their Kalamari Dinner:¬†The portion was generous… It tasted pretty good at first, but I couldn‚Äôt finish it because I found it too greasy after a while.)

Normally, I would have paid attention to the TV screen in the corner – the Sharks-Predators second-round game was on – but this time I was focused on the conversation with N. It wasn’t too busy at the time we visited but we both found it a bit noisy. It was okay, though; we could hear each other just fine. Overall, the atmosphere was not bad.

From N.’s feedback, if she was going to try Mac & Cheese again, she’d go to a different establishment for that. If she were to return to The Slocan – which she didn’t rule out – she’d definitely try out other dishes. Ditto for me.

Oh yeah, because I didn’t drink, N. decided to have a pop just like me.


What: Mac & Cheese; Spaghetti & Meat Sauce
Where: The Slocan, 2715 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 1Z9
How Much: C$10.95; C$12.95
Final Thoughts: See the second-last paragraph.