Pink Elephant Thai


One Wednesday evening in December, I stopped by Pink Elephant Thai by the Marine Drive SkyTrain Station for dinner.

It was fairly busy on this evening, but the waitresses were quick. I was seated almost immediately and had a lot of time to scan through the menu.

Initially, I wanted the Calamari but changed my mind because, c’mon, I’d had that dish so many times in my life. Instead, I picked the Thai Style Pork Cheek (C$10.95), which was grilled and marinated pork pieces with Thai herbs and spices.



I also had the Matsaman, which was simmered coconut curry with onions, potatoes, and cashew nuts. There was a choice of meats that came with this dish, and I chose Oxtail AAA Grade (C$17.95). The other choices were chicken, beef, tofu, veggies, and prawns.


For the pork cheek, the sauce was a tad spicy – for me anyway – even though on the menu it gave just a one-chili rating. The pork cheek was tender.


The curry dish was delicious. The oxtail was very tender, obviously more so than the pork cheek. This dish didn’t come with rice, but I didn’t want rice anyway.


Because it was near Christmastime, the flatscreen was showing some Christmas movie featuring Mickey Mouse – obviously on one of the American channels. And then after that, it was showing Home Alone 2.


Overall, a good dinner. One downside was that the tables were so close together that I could hear the conversation at the table to my right. Didn’t want to, but I heard everything they were saying.

By the way, there’s a second location of Pink Elephant Thai, on Alberni Street in downtown Vancouver.

Where: Pink Elephant Thai, 434 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5X 2R9