Mali Thai Restaurant


One late afternoon on a Saturday in December, I was in the Broadway/Main Street area in Vancouver, and stopped by Mali Thai Restaurant on Main and East 11th Avenue.


It was 4:30 at the time and the restaurant was open, but nobody was at the counter and the dining area was completely empty.

A few moments later, a man – whom I presume was the owner – came out and greeted me. He muttered something about dinner hours starting at 5 pm but it was okay for me to order. He was friendly.

He was also kind enough to bring a glass of water without my asking.

I ordered their Pork Satay (C$9.95), which was four sticks of marinated pork pieces in a mixture of Thai spices and coconut milk – served with Thai peanut sauce. There was actually two options for satay – chicken or pork – and I opted for the latter.


I also had the Mali Pad Thai with Beef (C$13.95), a Thai noodle dish with tofu, egg, bean sprouts, and ground peanuts with Tamarind sauce.


The noodle dish actually came out before the satay, so I munched on that first. To be honest, the Mali Pad Thai was just average; even though it was advertised on the menu as an “authentic Thai dish,” I didn’t think it was that great. The best way to describe the noodles is that… they were a bit oily?

The beef in the noodles, on the other hand, was tender, which was exactly how I wanted it to be.


Overall, the staff was friendly. Another diner came in shortly after I had ordered, and I assume he was a regular because the owner dude kept talking to him. There was another lady who dropped by afterward and went into the kitchen; she came out to clean the tables and kept thanking me and also that customer for being there.

I didn’t need to use the washroom… but I didn’t notice one in the restaurant at all. The place is pretty tiny.

As for wifi, well, as I recall, I was connected onto the free Telus wifi – so that was good.

But if you’re looking for “authentic” Thai food… I will have to say it’s not a place that I would recommend based on the taste of the Mali Pad Thai. If you want kind service, polite service… then you would like Mali Thai…

Where: Mali Thai Restaurant, 2710 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada  V5T 3E8

Siga-Siga’s Filipino Food (Re-Visit)


I’d been to Siga-Siga’s Filipino Food (Broadway and Fraser Street in Vancouver) twice before this visit, and I think the thing that attracts me back is the kind service from the staff there.

During my second visit, I overheard a customer talking to the guy whom I assumed was the owner. In the conversation, the owner was suggesting that he was going to retire in a couple of years and then hand the reins to his young apprentices. So, he’s been trying to train them well to take over, based on what I understood.

Anyway, the owner wasn’t there during this third visit. The younger gentleman who recommended me the BBQ Chicken Leg with rice during my first visit was there. This time, he recommended something called Mogu Mogu as a beverage, and it came with either mango or lychee flavor. I took the Lychee.


For food, he recommended the Pork Belly with rice, and added that it came with some special house sauce. For rice, there was steamed rice or ginger rice – I took the regular steamed rice.


It looked like he was the only one on duty this evening – Siga-Siga’s is a small restaurant – and he told me it would take 10 minutes. Man, the flavor was great! He was right.


For dessert, he recommended a Fried Banana dish served with ice cream. I accepted, and while I’m not a fan of bananas normally, I thought the dessert was great.


Overall, a great meal at a cozy little restaurant.