Whiskey Six BBQ (Re-Visit)

Whiskey Six BBQ, an organic BBQ joint located on 826 Renfrew Street in East Vancouver, opened in the summer of 2017. I have been there regularly during the summer of 2018. This is a post about a visit from May 2018.


I know that was from months ago, but what can I say? I’d been busy… On vacation now (I’m in Korea at the moment) and just taking a few minutes to post it now. ūüėČ


It was a night of ribs and wings. The¬†Johnston’s Farm Back Ribs¬†are¬†served with a choice of two sides – with wings being $2 extra – and also sliced bread, Whiskey Mustard and Dill Pickle.

Obviously, I went with the Wings for one of my sides. I also had the Smokey Beans as the other side.









Pho Don Vietnamese Restaurant


I had, over the years, passed by Pho Don Vietnamese Restaurant (East Hastings and Renfrew) literally hundreds of times without ever stepping foot inside Рuntil just recently.

During this visit, it was a fairly quiet Thursday evening without a lot of diners. I was seated and given a cup of tea and a menu upon entering the restaurant.


I picked the¬†Sauteed Beef with Spicy Lemongrass dish, which was served with either rice or fried noodles. I opted for the latter, since I’m not much of a rice fan. Actually, I’m not much of a noodle fan either, but I thought it was at least better than rice.


The menu indicated that this dish was spicy (one chili symbol). I didn’t think it was any spicy at all, but I guess the problem was that the beef was rather chewy.


Obviously, this being a typical Asian restaurant, there was not much of any “service” – it was just the bare minimum, much like any other Asian establishment.

There was a flatscreen in either end of the restaurant, but they were not tuned into the sports channels. (It was Game Seven of the Winnipeg-Nashville series.) As for background music, it was – I guess – some sort of satellite radio station with continuous music.


With Asian places, you can’t take it for granted that they accepted plastic – for example, many places in Richmond are “cash only” establishments – but in Pho Don’s case, they do take debit and credit.

Pepper Lunch (Re-Visit)

This is a re-visit to Pepper Lunch in Richmond, where I stopped by one evening for dinner.

I had one of the items on their dinner special, which was Prawns and Sliced Angus Steak (C$18.95) and came with rice, Miso soup, a pop, and Mochi ice cream.


The meal also came with two different sauces, which gave everything a very tasty flavour. Those sauces gave a kind of sweet flavour.


At Pepper Lunch, you order at the front and pay first, before being assigned a table and then the food brought to you. And on this visit, I was in such a hurry that as soon as I finished all the prawns, steak, veggies, and rice, I grabbed my jacket and left.

The next morning, when I was marking a student’s essay, I saw the words “ice cream”…. and I suddenly remembered, right then, that I had forgotten my Mochi the night before!! I had ordered the mango flavour at the counter, and I had completely forgotten about it, taking off after finishing the rice. Oh man!

Pho Thai Hoa Restaurant


Pho Thai Hoa Restaurant, a Vietnamese restaurant located on Kingsway between Knight Street and Victoria Drive, was where I had lunch one Sunday afternoon.



“Service” is not a concept that Pho Thai Hoa comprehends. When I entered, I announced to one of the two ladies sitting at the table by the front counter that I was eating in. The two ladies were preparing some vegetables at their table, while a younger man was assisting another customer at the front counter.

One of the ladies told me to sit anywhere. I sat at a table. And I was ignored – for a few minutes – until the young man was done with his customer. He grabbed a menu from a small pile at a central table and gave it to me. (You can see the central table in the photo above, the one with a menu or two on there.)


The good thing was the TV was already on an NFL game on CBS, something that you can’t even take for granted at a Western establishment. (Are you taking notes, Pizza Hut?) The sound was on, so for a while I could hear the announcers broadcast the game. (That changed later when more diners came in and talked loudly to block the broadcast out.)

Anyway, as for the food, the pictures on the menu sometimes can be confusing. The Grilled Marinated Beef skewer, for example, was C$3.00 for one stick, not C$3.00 for three sticks. That makes sense, but the picture on the menu made it confusing, showing three sticks and the price of three dollars.

Anyway, I ordered just the one stick.


I also had the Com bo luc lac, which was their shaking beef with garlic sauce on rice (C$18.00).



And here’s another example of what I meant by the confusing menu. I didn’t see anywhere on there that soup came with the rice. So, I was quite surprised when the young man brought soup with the meal. I didn’t know if this was part of the rice or if it was a complimentary item. No idea.



Overall, the best thing about this place? For me, the sports on their TV was the best thing. I’m not being sarcastic. There was no service to speak of. The beef on rice dish was pricey. Several bites of the beef on the rice were chewy. There was no wifi. Need I go on?

And, also, they didn’t take credit cards; it was cash and debit only. And oh, finally, when I picked up one of their business cards at the front when I was paying, I saw they had two locations but one of them was crossed out (the way some prices were crossed out on the menu).

Would I recommend Pho Thai Hoa? No. There are other restaurants and food places to check out on Kingsway. So, for me, this is likely a one-and-done establishment.


Where: Pho Thai Hoa Restaurant, 1625 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, Canada  V5N 2S2
Website: skipthedishes.com

Mali Thai Restaurant


One late afternoon on a Saturday in December, I was in the Broadway/Main Street area in Vancouver, and stopped by Mali Thai Restaurant on Main and East 11th Avenue.


It was 4:30 at the time and the restaurant was open, but nobody was at the counter and the dining area was completely empty.

A few moments later, a man – whom I presume was the owner – came out and greeted me. He muttered something about dinner hours starting at 5 pm but it was okay for me to order. He was friendly.

He was also kind enough to bring a glass of water without my asking.

I ordered their Pork Satay (C$9.95), which was four sticks of marinated pork pieces in a mixture of Thai spices and coconut milk Рserved with Thai peanut sauce. There was actually two options for satay Рchicken or pork Рand I opted for the latter.


I also had the Mali Pad Thai with Beef (C$13.95), a Thai noodle dish with tofu, egg, bean sprouts, and ground peanuts with Tamarind sauce.


The noodle dish actually came out before the satay, so I munched on that first. To be honest, the Mali Pad Thai was just average; even though it was advertised on the menu as an “authentic Thai dish,” I didn’t think it was that great. The best way to describe the noodles is that… they were a bit oily?

The beef in the noodles, on the other hand, was tender, which was exactly how I wanted it to be.


Overall, the staff was friendly. Another diner came in shortly after I had ordered, and I assume he was a regular because the owner dude kept talking to him. There was another lady who dropped by afterward and went into the kitchen; she came out to clean the tables and kept thanking me and also that customer for being there.

I didn’t need to use the washroom… but I didn’t notice one in the restaurant at all. The place is pretty tiny.

As for wifi, well, as I recall, I was connected onto the free Telus wifi – so that was good.

But if you’re looking for “authentic” Thai food… I will have to say it’s not a place that I would recommend based on the taste of the Mali Pad Thai. If you want kind service, polite service… then you would like Mali Thai…

Where: Mali Thai Restaurant, 2710 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada  V5T 3E8
Website: http://www.malithairestaurant.com