Enjoy Cafe 1 Plus 1 (Richmond)

EC and I began hanging out for lunch during the brief time when the two of us were colleagues – and we often went to Enjoy Cafe 1 Plus 1, located near Westminster Highway and No. 3 Road.


It seems to be very busy every Saturday early afternoon, but on Wednesdays when we go there, it’s more than half empty – and there’s also the after 3 p.m. special menu.

During this particular visit, it was a Saturday and the place was packed.


For each meal, a free drink is included, and I normally order the cold lemon iced tea. On this visit, both EC and I ordered Vermicelli. 

EC’s came with chicken wings. Mine was Seafood Vermicelli.


For EC and me, these visits to Enjoy Cafe are always to take time out from work to “enjoy” hanging out during lunch. That’s the most important aspect of these trips.

But – I’ll add that I probably won’t order seafood again… I’ll probably have something with meat next time. To me, EC’s dish certainly looked better than mine!

Korea Trip 2018: Day 6 – Mont Coffee (Pyeongchang, Korea)


Well, the time has gone by so quickly. It’s now nearing the end of October 2018, and I still haven’t had the chance to post more about my Korea Trip from September 2018… Geez. Time really does fly.

As the days (and weeks) pass, memories fade, but I do recall this spot the tour company took us to on our last day. For me, it was the end of the four-day tour, but for the others, it was last part of a week-long adventure, and for others still, it was the last day in Korea of a three-week, three-country Asian tour.



For me, this was Day 6 of my time in Korea, and it was a Friday – Day 4 of 4 for my tour with HanaTour. We had just been to the fish market earlier – after being at the Olympic slope venue. Now, on to this hike.




Here are the exact details of Day 4, provided by the tour company:

After breakfast, this morning stop by Ski Jump Observatory for Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang 2018 and then explore Jumunjin Seafood Market, including a variety of fresh seafood caught on the East Coast. For the next stop, transfer to Yangyang for a short hiking at Jujeongol of Mt. Seorak to enjoy the nature. After the tour, transfer to Seoul. Drop off service is available at T-Mark Hotel, T-Mark Grand Hotel, Lotte Hotel Seoul and Center Mark Hotel.

Okay, so this spot was actually Yangyang. Anyway, it looked like it was about to rain, and we were given the option of staying behind while the rest went hiking. (Except it wasn’t “real” hiking, as the ground was more or less flat, we were told.)

I opted to stay behind – this was only the second thing I opted out of during the entire four days (with the first being the Cheomseongdae Observatory on Day 2 in Gyeongju because I was physically exhausted that afternoon and didn’t feel like walking any further) – and an Australian couple also decided to stay behind. We were told to wait at Mont Coffee, a cafe that the tour guide, Mark, highly recommended.


The three of us went inside the cafe while the rest of the group ventured on. The first thing I noticed was that the interior was nice. But the problem is that everything on the menu was in Korean. The lady (whom we assumed was the owner) didn’t speak much English.



The Australian couple ordered coffee, and they both told me later that the coffee was terrible. “Lukewarm,” the wife said, saying it wasn’t even hot like you would expect out of fresh coffee in a coffee shop! The couple, who were retired, were well travelled and spoke of their travels to Japan and other countries. They especially loved Japan, pointing out how the locals there were kind and hospitable to tourists. They told specific stories of how the locals helped them out without being asked. It was good conversation.




After the drinks, the couple wanted to look for glue or some sort of tape because the wife had broken one of the heels of her shoes, but unfortunately, there were no convenient stores in this area. We realized this was some sort of tourist area, but found it odd there were no convenient stores. All the shops were food or drink shops. Well, there was this one store that sold everyday items – I bought a nail clipper there as I had somehow forgotten to bring mine from home – but the couple couldn’t find any glue.

Also… It did rain lightly, but it stopped almost immediately. After about an hour, the rest of the group came back and I was told I should have gone. It wasn’t that bad of a hike. Well, I guess I missed out. Oh well.

After this, it was lunch (to be posted later) followed by a long bus ride back to Seoul! 🙂

More to come…