#ThrowBackThursday – Day 14 in Korea, 2018

Here’s a #ThrowBackThursday post about a trip to Korea in September 2018.

On Day 14 of my 15-day trip, N.H. came to meet me at my hotel lobby in early afternoon, and we hung out for the rest of the day.

We went to this chicken restaurant called BHC Chicken (Better & Happier Choice?) and enjoyed great fried chicken.



Then, N.H. took me to Hollys Coffee, a nearby cafe. As I recall, there were multiple floors and we went to a quieter floor to enjoy warm beverages and a dessert.



For dinner, we went to a busy market and found a restaurant there and had a feast. šŸ™‚





At the end, it was sad to say goodbye, but at least N.H. and I had a chance to hang out. The next day, Day 15, was time to head to the airport and return home.

Browns Socialhouse Brewery District (New Westminster)


N.O. and I hung out in New Westminster one Saturday afternoon in December, and we had lunch at the Browns Socialhouse Brewery District on Columbia Street.

The New England Patriots-Buffalo Bills NFL game was on too, so we sat at the bar area to have our lunch and catch a bit of the game.


N.O. ordered a side of Loaded Nachos, …


… while I had the Korean Fried Chicken.


The chicken was a tad spicy, which was perfect.


One funny moment happened when the server at the bar took my empty glass to give me a Coke refill, except she brought the refill to the other side of the bar and gave it to another guest! It was quite amusing and we all had a few laughs over it.

All in all, a great spot for lunch and for catching a game.

Bubble Waffle Cafe (multiple locations, Vancouver & Richmond & Burnaby)

I’d promised a post aboutĀ Bubble Waffle CafeĀ ages ago, and here’s one finally.

Over the past year (or since November 2018, when I first downloaded its app), I’ve visited multiple locations of this establishment, including the one at the Vancouver Harbour Centre, the Burnaby Metrotown, and two Richmond locations at Lansdowne Mall and Richmond Centre.

First off, the one at the Metrotown is horrible. Rude staff who don’t even smile at you. One other thing is one time they very stupidly put the single piece of napkin on top of the container and the drink on top of that… meaning that when I was ready to eat the dish, the single piece of napkin they offered was all wet. Geniuses.

Another Metrotown experience was one time they didn’t put in the utensils. Again, geniuses.

On the other hand, the staff at the Harbour Centre are friendlier. Definitely better than the nonsense at the Teppan Kitchen located at the other end of the food court (where the guy was just plain hostile… for no reason at all).

Again, the experience at the Harbour Centre Bubble Waffle isn’t just a one-time thing; it’s multiple times.

In Richmond, at the busy Richmond Centre, I would say I’m not a fan. They are similar to the Metrotown location in that they don’t know how to smile. For the Lansdowne one, it’s hit and miss… although the last experience I had there has made me hesitant to return. But I digress.

This one here is theĀ Hainanese Chicken Spicy SoupĀ (C$9.95) at the Richmond Centre location. (I mention the location because the prices are different depending on which one you visit.) You get a free drink with every order, although if you wanted, say, iced lemon Coke, you paid an extra 50 cents, and so on.

Although it could potentially be messy eating this, it was spicy and delicious enough for me. I still say, though, customer service in the locations I’ve been to other than the Harbour Centre one, could be better. We’re all humans and we should all treat each other with respect, and for any of those employees to be blatantly giving attitude to customers is just plain wrong.

Hawker’s Delight (Re-Visit)


I think the last time I’d been toĀ Hawker’s DelightĀ was five years ago (2014), and … things had changed by the time I re-visited in June of 2019.


Well, when I say “things,” I guess I really mean the prices. Everything else seemed to be the same. While a typical rice dish was C$7.15 including tax back then, it was now over C$10.00.

I get it… prices go up. No biggie. The woman at the counter who took my order wasn’t friendly at all. Oh well, it is what it is. I was there for the food, and that aspect of it, which was the most important, didn’t disappoint.

But the prices and attitude did. (Oh, I took it to go.)


Basically, you order and then pay for the item (in my case it was the Hainanese Chicken Rice), and you’re given a number, which is called out when the food is ready.


Whiskey Six BBQ (Re-Visit)

Whiskey Six BBQ, an organic BBQ joint located on 826 Renfrew Street in East Vancouver, opened in the summer of 2017. I have been there regularly during the summer of 2018. This is a post about a visit from May 2018.


I know that was from months ago, but what can I say? I’d been busy… On vacation now (I’m in Korea at the moment) and just taking a few minutes to post it now. šŸ˜‰


It was a night of ribs and wings. TheĀ Johnston’s Farm Back RibsĀ areĀ served with a choice of two sides – with wings being $2 extra – and also sliced bread, Whiskey Mustard and Dill Pickle.

Obviously, I went with the Wings for one of my sides. I also had theĀ Smokey BeansĀ as the other side.