Korea Trip 2018: Day 4 – from Busan to Ulsan to Gyeongju

Well, I’m really behind in terms of posting stuff from my travels. And given that months have passed, I may have gotten the days mixed up…. or not. (Well, I’ve been posting things out of order, or not in chronological order, so to speak…)

This is supposed to be Day 4 from my Korea Trip from Sept. 2018 – and as I’m posting this, it’s already April 2019, or seven months after the fact!! (Yes, it’s been that busy…).

While it was Day 4 of my trip, it was only the second day of the “Eastern Korea” tour with the tour company. I had arrived on a Sunday afternoon – on a really hot day – and the tour with this company began on Tuesday.

The Wednesday (second day) part of the four-day tour began with breakfast in Busan. Then, the tour bus took us (me and the other travellers) to Ulsan, where we passed through what is the world’s largest single automobile plant.


We then visited Daewangam Park, which was littered with rocks carved into interesting shapes by the wind and ocean.


20180911_180724.jpgNext, we explored Bulguksa Temple, the representative relic designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in Gyeongju. We explored Gyeongju National Museum and Daereungwon Tomb Complex.

On a jam-packed day of activities, we were taken to this costume place where we chose our preferred Hanbok (Korean National Costume) and had photos taken wearing Hanbok.


By that point, I was physically exhausted. Next on the itinerary was the Chomseongdae Observatory, which I chose to skip and just hang out with an Australian couple, an elderly female traveller, and the mom of the Cambodia/Florida family at a nearby coffee shop. This was the first of only two things I would skip during this four-day tour.

Then, the Gyeongju Hilton Hotel was the last stop of the night for check-in. Now, lunch and dinner were served en route at local restaurants. After hotel check-in, the rest of the evening was our free time.

I took photos on my iPad, iPhone, and Android device, so all of the photos are scattered all over. These next photos are the ones from my iPad, which were taken the following morning during breakfast at the Hilton… at 6:52 am.