Pizza Hut (Grandview Hwy)


I was at the Grandview Highway Pizza Hut on a Monday night, wanting to watch the fourth quarter of the Monday Night Football game between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

Unfortunately, they had the flatscreen on ABC, which was showing the game show “Jeopardy.”

Because she was busy, I didn’t get a chance to ask the server if it was possible to change the TV channel until I was halfway through my meal. She said she would ask the manager.

Alas, she didn’t come back with an answer until I was just wrapping up my meal. The answer was there was some issue with the TV, so they couldn’t do anything about it. I said it was okay – no big deal. (As it turned out, I missed a great ending as Pittsburgh was coming back during that time and eventually won on the last play of the game to come back from a 17-0 deficit.)

I ordered the Meaty Marinara – which was Italian-seasoned meat sauce and rotini pasta topped with pizza mozzarella.


The pasta was very filling, especially because it was served with breadsticks and I kept eating those things. Given the fact I’m not a big eater, I couldn’t finish either thing.


The TV thing was no issue. I was back five days later on a Saturday evening, and you might expect them to have Hockey Night in Canada on. But no, again it was ABC and they were showing some random program. I said nothing about the TV this time because it was no big deal.

I had their Creamy Chicken Alfredo, which was sliced grilled chicken breast tossed with rotini in alfredo sauce.


The big deal came when I was about 75% done with my meal. Now, this is not unusual in restaurants, where the server would bring your bill to your table and say, “No rush.” But in this instance when the (same) server brought my bill to my table, I wasn’t pleased because it felt like I was wasting their time and they were rushing me off. It wasn’t as though there were people wanting a table, so I was not pleased. I had thought about getting a dessert to go – I actually was – but since they weren’t welcoming me with this bill nonsense as I was still eating, I decided to forego the dessert.

So, I just had the pasta and that was it. It was creamy. Came with toast. It was good. The cubed chicken pieces were plentiful. It was all good.


The TV wasn’t a big deal. But rushing me off – or giving me the sense like they were doing that – means I will not be back anytime soon.

The one other comment is that on their menu, they had many of their items crossed out with some kind of black marker. Great. A restaurant without a full menu and too cheap to print out new ones.


Siena Kitchen + Bar (Re-Visit)


I was in the South Granville area again in Vancouver, and stopped by Siena Kitchen + Bar on West 12th and Granville for a second time.

According to its website, Siena won was a recipient of the 2017 Georgia Straight GOLDEN PLATE AWARD in the Best Mediterranean Category. It’s a small restaurant with a very cozy feel to it. I was seated at the bar area this time because the place was packed.


On this visit, I had their Chicken & Leek Soup and their Pasta of the day.


Both were excellent – simply fantastic. The servers were friendly and chatty too, which makes the meal more pleasant.

O Cafe (Richmond Olympic Oval)


I was at the Richmond Olympic Oval to check out a BC Major Midget Hockey playoff game, and stopped by the O Cafe on the ground floor of the building.

The pasta caught my eye this time, and I ordered a large one to go.


The taste was very ordinary – and expensive too – but at least the hockey game wasn’t too bad. I guess you can’t win ’em all. But in all seriousness I would recommend eating become going to the Oval, or bringing your own food.



But obviously I wasn’t there for the food; I was there for the game and to talk to the winning side:

…and the broadcaster too:

The Slocan (Re-Visit)


A couple of weeks ago, N. and I met up to have a meal at The Slocan, which is a fairly popular restaurant located on East Hastings and Slocan Street in Vancouver. This was my second visit – as I’d previously been there back in November of 2014 (whoa, I didn’t realize it was THAT long ago) – while it was N.’s first time there.

It was an “all-pasta” night as N. decided on the Mac & Cheese (C$10.95) while I settled on the Spaghetti & Meat Sauce (C$12.95).



While the server was very kind and friendly, N. felt as though she was pushing us to finish the dishes. That’s not something I really thought about – and there you go, that’s why you need a second opinion, a second pair of eyes and ears to notice these things.

As for the taste, it seemed the portion of the Mac & Cheese was too much for N. – I recall seeing on the menu that they had advertised it as “Big Pasta Plates,” so I guess they weren’t exaggerating in this instance – and she also felt that it was a tad too greasy. For N., probably a smaller portion would have been enough – and thus, I helped her eat a bit of it. I think we both agreed the taste wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special. Just your standard Mac & Cheese. 🙂

(Ahhhh…. it seemed I had a similar opinion during my first visit. Here’s what I opined at that time, when I had their Kalamari Dinner: The portion was generous… It tasted pretty good at first, but I couldn’t finish it because I found it too greasy after a while.)

Normally, I would have paid attention to the TV screen in the corner – the Sharks-Predators second-round game was on – but this time I was focused on the conversation with N. It wasn’t too busy at the time we visited but we both found it a bit noisy. It was okay, though; we could hear each other just fine. Overall, the atmosphere was not bad.

From N.’s feedback, if she was going to try Mac & Cheese again, she’d go to a different establishment for that. If she were to return to The Slocan – which she didn’t rule out – she’d definitely try out other dishes. Ditto for me.

Oh yeah, because I didn’t drink, N. decided to have a pop just like me.


What: Mac & Cheese; Spaghetti & Meat Sauce
Where: The Slocan, 2715 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 1Z9
How Much: C$10.95; C$12.95
Final Thoughts: See the second-last paragraph.