Osaka Sushi (Burnaby)


Osaka Sushi, on Hastings and Gilmore in Burnaby, was voted the best sushi restaurant in Burnaby back in 2014 (according to signs posted outside the establishment).


While their food might have won “Best of Burnaby” awards in the past, I would say their service was mediocre.


The lady who served me looked grumpy. The staff spoke Cantonese – the lady and the cook did that – and also Mandarin – the lady did that to one of the younger girls working there. Remarkably, during the whole time I was there, there was just one phone call where someone ordered for a pick-up. And only one other person came in for another order – while nobody entered as a dine-in customer.

This was a Monday night at around 8 p.m. and one family of three was just leaving. The others eating at that time were staff. I guess the busy period was over.


Speaking of period, the hockey game – Canucks vs. Wild – was on the flatscreen. I was there for most of the second period, and hahaha, the Canucks were losing.

I had the Prawn Teriyaki (C$9.95) and Karaage (C$5.50). Nothing special with the food, and definitely nothing good about the service. Perhaps the sushi’s better – the restaurant, after all, got an award for that a couple of years back!






Chamnamoo Korean Restaurant + Others

Here’s another post that combines visits to several establishments.

Some time ago, I was in Langley and re-visited Chamnamoo Korean Restaurant on 88 Avenue in Walnut Grove. “Chamnamoo,” by the way, apparently means “oak tree,” and this establishment offers traditional Korean dishes.


I had their Galbi-Tang, which was tender beef short ribs served with veggies and egg in beef bone broth. I found that the beef wasn’t as tender as advertised. I would say, overall, it was quite ordinary; the soup wasn’t particularly sweet.


Just like other traditional Korean restaurants, Chamnamoo serves side dishes in addition to the meal.

The next restaurant that I went to a while back was Jun Sushi at Alderbridge Place in Richmond – but it has since closed down.


Since Jun Sushi no longer exists, there’s not much point in talking about the food/service, but let’s just say it was one-and-done for me because they were just too slow with everything they did. Oh well, at least there are some pictures from that lone visit.


Here’s some Wings from the local Church’s. They’re way better than KFC’s, that’s for sure.


Finally, some take-out from Miyako Sushi (East Hastings and Nanaimo in Vancouver), where the service was mediocre. Anyway, the staff there weren’t Japanese; they spoke Chinese.


Will post more items soon!


Sushi Royal House (Re-Visit)


Volcano Roll – C$10.95

D.B. had never eaten at Sushi Royal House Japanese Restaurant before even though she lives in the area. So, one night on a Monday in October, we went there for some sushi.




One funny thing that happened was D.B. wanted to order some alcohol – but she’d forgotten her ID so she wasn’t allowed to order. I guess she should take it as a compliment that they do check her for ID!

Meanwhile, I asked how big their spicy soft shell crab would be – to see if D.B. and I would be able to share – but the answer was that it would be enough for just one person. Oh well.

So, anyway, we went with the Volcano RollEbi Gyoza (5 pieces, pork & shrimp), Spicy Salmon Combo, and Chicken Karaage. As you can see from the pictures, it was a pretty good feast!






All in all, a good dinner, great conversation, and all was wonderful. Everything, of course, tasted fresh. Haha, too bad D.B. couldn’t get a sip of alcohol. Too bad!

Sushimoto (Burnaby)

(This post originally appeared on “Let’s Eat Out Once A Week.”)


From top to bottom: Ocean Roll; Philadelphia Roll; Red Hot Chili Roll – C$6.00; C$7.00; C$8.00


Sushimoto, a Japanese restaurant located by Holdom SkyTrain Station (on Holdom Avenue and Lougheed Hwy), seems like a popular place for the young crowd. That’s my first impression anyway – not that I have any stats or evidence to back that up.

I was with A.C. at Sushimoto for a quick bite one Sunday evening earlier in July, and it was my first time eating there. Lots of cool-looking figurines and items inside.



I did not realize that the panda bear figurine (at least that’s what I thought it was) was the container for the soy sauce, but A.C. somehow figured it out. Oh well.

A.C. ordered the Ocean Roll (C$6) and another item (which I can’t remember now), and I had the Red Hot Chili Roll (C$8) and Philadelphia Roll (C$7). The ocean roll (pictured at the top in the photo below) was California rolls with smoked salmon on top and spicy mayo, and I had a piece of it. It was pretty good.


The red hot chili roll (pictured at the bottom) had chopped scallop with spicy tuna on top, plus green onion, spicy mayo, and spicy sauce. As for the Philadelphia roll (the middle tray), it was avocado with salmon and cream cheese along with smoked salmon on top. I know I liked one of my rolls but not the other – except that I can’t remember which was which now. I think probably the Philadelphia roll was the one I didn’t care much for.

Anyway, the service was fine. A.C. and I mainly talked about some marketing projects as we were eating, so I didn’t really take any notes about the food. During our visit, it wasn’t too, too busy, but I can totally see Sushimoto being packed on most nights. Seemed like a cool and cozy place to hang out with a group of buddies.