Timmy Kitchen (Richmond / Steveston)


Earlier this week, I hung out with P. and J. and we took a trip out to Steveston, which is a small town known for its salmon canning that’s now part of Richmond, B.C.

There are some nice restaurants in the area but the one I wanted to try, a Malaysian restaurant, was unfortunately closed that day. We ended up going to Timmy Kitchen instead. (Timmy Kitchen, in case you’re looking for the exact address, is located on 3791 Bayview Street, Richmond.)


Since there were three of us, the best thing to do was order three separate dishes so that we could all share. The first one that came out was the Flat Rice Noodles with veggies (ie. a vegetarian dish); because of the flat rice noodles (also known as “guo tiao” in Singapore), I decided not to order rice – though both P. and J. ordered small rice bowls separately.


Perhaps I was too excited when the Chili & Ginger Beef came out that I started munching and forgot to take a photo of the Spicy Fried Tofu when it was brought to our table later on. Oops.


Oh yeah, it was a nice day so we sat outside. The cost wasn’t too bad – it was C$15.00 for each person when it was time to settle the bill. It was nice because of the weather and we got to talk a lot while enjoying the food.

I recall the beef dish itself was C$13.99 and the other dishes were around $1 to $3 less.

Meanwhile, here are some other photos taking during this short trip:




And this last one was a chocolate chip mint ice cream gotten at one of the local ice cream shops – C$1.25 per scoop. Great for a hot, sunny day!